Who we are

We have an established reputation for providing first-class moving services. Our modern facilities are among the best in the world. Through these centers, we manage hundreds of relocations per year for corporate executives and diplomats of the world’s leading commercial and governmental organizations. We have the knowledge and experience to handle relocations to and from any location globally- even to the world’s most remote regions. With our network and offices, we cover the world of corporate moving.

Siegfried Zarwel


Florian Lang

Managing Director

Gina Conte

Office Manager

Daniel Zarwel

Regional Director

Jorge Friga

Operations Manager

Patrick Schwitzer

Traffic Coordinator


Confidence in the ability of the mover to make the arrangements by planning effectively, keeping deadlines and providing answers to the never ending stream of questions that naturally occur when relocating internationally.

We will provide that confidence. We will assess the consignment accurately, make decisions about the safest ways of packing and advise on the most appropriate routing to match your required delivery times.

Even more importantly, we have access to detailed information regarding moving into any country and can provide specific, helpful advice to make your move easy.

We are structured to allow the seamless flow of information to clients while maintaining key points of contact.

We recognize that expatriates are individuals who have different needs and concerns. We identify these concerns and tailor our services accordingly so every move becomes as individual as the people themselves.


We are experts in the safe handling of furniture, antiques and works of art, as well as the day-to-day items that all homes treasure. We only use the finest quality materials to ensure the safety of the belongings in our care. We take responsibility to our customers seriously, and do all we can to take the stress out of your move.

Customers are not expected to pack themselves. Pictures may be left on the wall, glasses in cupboards; and clothes in closets and dressers. We will take care of everything.

Our carpenters will provide tailor-made wooden crates for very fragile and highly personal value items.

When packing is complete, our crew foreman will compile an inventory list using our ready-printed labels prior to the removal of the furniture and personal effects from the residence. If a shipment has special requirements for packing, handling, routing or delivery, our team will make sure promises are kept, wishes respected and schedules maintained.


Whether consignment travels by road, sea or air, we have the ability to coordinate the entire process to meet your individual needs.

Consignments within the United States are usually transported by road using our modern fleet of air-ride vehicles. The packing crew frequently travels with the vehicle right through to delivery, ensuring absolute continuity. If storage is required, our network of locations provides local services and delivery as necessary.

Overseas shipments are transported by sea and air to achieve the best combination of economy and speed. Essential items can travel by air and arrive within days of collection; the main shipment follows by sea. At destination, our international select partners handle custom clearance, final delivery and unpacking to complete the door-to-door service.

International relocations require the correct combination of technology, skill and organization. From the very start, we provide the personal service that our customers expect.


Our climate controlled and dehumidified storage facility in Charleston, SC was completed in late 1999 and provides 1,500 sqm/15,000 sqft of covered warehouse space on a 2-acre site. It can accommodate over 400 standard storage containers. The entire site is protected by 24 hour security with closed circuit video cameras, fire and smoke protection

Our facilities in Alexandria, VA handle temporary storage shipments and provide 750 sqm/7.500 sqft of secured warehouse space.

“I can only say that the Knopf team gave an extraordinary performance. It was an absolute pleasure to work with them!”Corporate Leader